Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Cold Storage

cold storage is good but will be frozen at the end..

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Early this year, i have good news. It seems my wish come true.thanks to Allah.. I got promotion to managerial level.. New task, new environment, new challenge, Everything is new..However, I will apart from family.. but I do believe... there must have good thing might happen while I am apart from my family. May they be independent..perhap..

Saturday, 2 January 2016

New year but feel bored

First of All..i would like to wish everyone happy new year ..hope this 2016 will bring you something extraordinary happiness ..may your dream come true.. As for me..this is 2nd day of 2016..but i feel lonely.. Kids are growing..Everybody likes to do their own space .sigh..still boring..

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Not Well

Its been a week, I got headache.almost grastric pain as well.. Hopefully it is temporary not well.. pray for the best.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


It has been 7 years plus I am seating this chair. It is time to make sumting different.For the part time basis, Now, I am helping people who want to get financial free during bad time. Many People do not want anything bad happen to them, but who knows next second, next minute or tommorrow n future. it might happen to you. My task is to explain people what are the benefits to have a financial freendom with them. Nowadays, cost of medical is very expensive due to our current economic situation plus our ringgit is getting weak every day. Cost of leaving is also very expensive. So try to change your life for future financial freedom.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Life Action Bureau

Yesterday, I able to watch telemovie called KIL. The main story about one guy named Akil who bored in his life wants to kill himself. Many attempts have been made, poison, cut, but he never tries jumping from building. While his taking break, he has read a flier ( advertisement) ' Who wants to die, call.......'  

He went to the company which rendered a 'kill' service... we can call an 'assassin' . So he met consultant who is the owner of the company. He told Akil, the module operation is once the contractor has been signed. The contractor ( killer) will take the action and tried.

I like the screen plot. It was smooth and thrilled. at the end of story... the killer is not the real killer but the approach is to motivate the person to appreciate life.

Friday, 18 April 2014


Apa yang aku perlu ulasankan kalau aku kata tak perlu lagi, tapi dia channel kan terus kepada org atas. so tiada ulasan. Orang dah tak mahu stay, kalau disuruh stay... lagi lah pikiran dia kusut.. so, aku pun kena pikir kebajikan dia. prestasi dia atau sebaliknya. aku tak nak nanti aku ni ditanya di depan Allah, keadilan kepimpinan aku. cuma aku ralat lah sbb aku dah offer dia yang terbaik untuk dia dan family, bukan aku buat keputusan tidak memikirkan hal family dia. kot2 la, masa kesusahan dalam family dia, at least dia dekat dengan family, emmmppp.. apa nak buat, dia yang tentukan diri dia.  

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Mendengar ceramah, salah satu petunjuk hari kiamat, adalah kemunculan dajjal ,pembawa fitnah akhir zaman, salah tanda2 dajjal akan muncul adalah dunia ini kontang selama 3 tahun, hujan semakin berkurangan sehingga tahun ketiga, kemudian dajjal muncul dan mengasut/memfitnah, 
masa tu, orang dalam keadaan kesusahan terutama untuk hidup, air kurang, dsb.

Mohon kita diselamatkan daripada fitnah dajjal tersebut supaya kita tidak tersesat.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Malam tadi, aku mimpi pokok tumbang.. aku tak pasti dalam perjalanan ke mana, tapi aku melalui jalan baru. dalam perjalanan, pokok di depan kereta aku tumbang, yang peliknya, aku boleh melepasi pokok tumbang tu, perkara ini berlaku beberapa kali ada yang tumbang di belakang kereta aku, Aku bernasib baik kerana aku melepasi jalan tersebut.
Aku cari lah maksud mimpi aku ni, aku baca seperti yang tidak baik akan berlaku...
Ni tafsir mimpi tersebut : -
Bermimpi melihat pohon roboh. Artinya, kondisi kesehatan kita kurang baik dan bisa menghambat pekerjaan kita.

Kalau benarlah mimpi aku tu, seperti orang tidak berapa suka cara aku bekerja dan ingatkan aku berhenti atau prestasi kerja aku menurun.
Sebelum ni.. aku bermimpi ular tedung yang hinggap kat kaki aku.. aku cari maksud pun perkara musibah/ sihir.. last week, aku ,mimpi ular tedung juga, ular tu dah berdiri sama tinggi pinggang aku, macamner entah aku boleh bunuh dia dengan parang.

 takutnya... minta2 dijauhi lah sebarang kecelakaan kepada diri aku ni.Amin

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Terdengar conversation adik beradik...
Amsyar : kakak..nak tahu.tak..semalam amsyar mandi dalam bilik air.. Amsyar buka air...air keluar
                lepas tu tiba2 air tutup
Areena : betul ker..?
Amsyar : betul..Amsyar rasa.bilik air kita ada hantu. Tu dia tutupkan air..macam ayah
               tutupkan air kita mandi.
Areena : betul ker amsyar?...

Then..Areena menjerit panggil aku...

Areena : Ayah! Ayah!
Aku.     : ye nak apa (konon2nya tak dengar diaorg bualkan..
Areena : Betullah..DUNIA ni ada hantu...amsyar cakap kat kakak..
Aku      : (tak tahu nak cakap apa..cuma aku cakap nak mand lama2 lagi ker..sbb
ada hantu.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Done interview

I have been interviewed.. waiting for the result... I am not sure who will get it. but definitely the post will be in northern area. During the interview, I was asked whether I am member of MIA, I said no and gave the reasons why would not I become a member.. They said I am too defensive and too negative. From that moment, my answers were terrible ( i think). So, do not expect too much rather you would regret later.. Pray for the good, and Allah will do the rest. In Sha Allah

Monday, 7 April 2014

Wish me luck

Today.. I've just received letter from Shah Alam... They call me for an interview... I am so nervous. What should I prepare for? What, How, When... I have no idea.... Just waiting for that moment.
Hopefully, I can answer all those question given by least, when I get out from the interview room... I proud of my self....

Me.... concerntrate sumting....hehehe

Friday, 28 March 2014

Not Well

I am not well today... my working system is also not well....

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Call for interview!!

It seems I am very nervous.. Call for interview... emmppph. I am still waiting for it. Last week, the office emailed me and asked for folio. They stated suppose to be today.. but there is no correspondence received..
Hopefully, this year would be my lucky year.. to be promoted... Insyaallah..
dag..dig...dug... my heart bip

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Puzzle solved

We were talking about our aircraft was missing for a few past week... First..official press conference was made by our prime minister which stated our aircarft did turn back for last radar spotted. it was possible that aircraft were flown into two directions..first..northern corridor (from border kazasthan to northern thailand) or second..southern corridor .including hindi ocean..

Basically,yesterday our prime minister had concluded that the aircarft flew to the last stopped at southern hindi ocean..and seems sanked into the ocean.

however,it still misterious because the aircarf suppose to go to beijing but ended into hindi ocean.. there are might be possible theories.. first...the aircraft might be hijacked and there were incident which we are not sure on the board..second..the aircarft was broken..and the pilot could nt fix the problem until it was crashed into the ocean... thirdly, the aircraft actually landed on the unknown place and the avidence was thrown into the ocean,seemly it was crashed and sanked.

The only one who knows the answer is our God who created us for a reason to think.

Friday, 21 March 2014


Frozen... the disney movie that my daugther loves to watch.. She can repeatedly watch that movies
What can i daughter loves to sing frozen song.. I just recorded her talent...take a look

Monday, 10 March 2014

Crashed Or Disappeared..

No one wants to be in trouble unless it was written in their destiny. Now it happened to our air craft.. Now, we are still not sure whether the air craft is to be crashed or disappeared, our government and other countries are still looking for a clues. Nobody knows where is the air craft landed or crashed.. We still pray for it. Nowadays, due to expanding in social media, most story are not reliable and many speculation suddenly overwhelming. so stay calm and wait for a news 


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