Saturday, 30 January 2010

Areena's growing plants

Last week, Areena brought her substance of growing plant to home. She did when gardening session.. i think .

Areena's first month progress report

Last Thursday, We just received Areena's Progress Report... Alhamdullilah.. Teacher's comment very positive...
She's happy at the school,
At the beginning, Areena was very quite but now she converse with others,
in addition..
she is very interested in group activities..
some notes from teacher:
Areena has learned/is learning ..
Practical Life
-How to use mat, carry chair, to walk
Sound - c - m
story bambi/Goldilock
singing twinkle, twinkle little star
Longrad (1 - 5) ...
Islamic studies
Bismillah(meaning/Doa' before lesson
Al-ikhlas (meaning)/Doa at meal time
Knobbed Cylinder
Insert for design
Science & culture
Yeast - dough
what plants need to grow
Part of fish
Art & Craft
Play dough
Decorative chain
Fruits n Vegetable print
Hope there will be more progression on Areena's Development next month

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Amyar favourite phrase..

Nowadays...amsyar can speak more then one word.. such as..tak nak..... ayah, makan..

but today... new phrase come out from his mouth... tepi..lah... .. the words started when we ( wife n I) were sitting together side by side..suddenly... Amsyar came n tried to sit... in the middle of us n wanted to sit next to me... He said to my wife...'tepi lah''tepi lah with his childish ancient... wat so funny... my son is getting smarter, smarter everyday.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

At Last....

Dalam sibuk2 risaukan anak tak sihat.. aku dan wife aku dapat order untuk caramel.. penatnya nak mula berniaga... nasib baik la bukan for living.. respect aku tgk orang2 yg meniaga kat restoran. Sebenarnya aku dah rasa penat nak memasak sbb sebelum ni, aku pernah tolong arwah ayah aku buat catering... mmmphh memang mencabar.. tapi kali ni berbeza... bila penat... wife boleh urutkan badan.hehehehe.. dulu.. emmmphh kena urutkan sendiri..huhuhu... nampaknya kalau aku nak buat perniagaan..kenala buat part time, aku dah cakap dengan wife aku, order limit kepada 2, so, exceed order kena bayar lebih..hehehehe.. saja jer tu, bukan apa... takut tak terkejar untuk tempahan... kalau tak jadi acuan tu, mampus, kena buat semula...ish2.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Wondering... what did Areena do in school... First feedback from teacher yesterday... Areena was fine.. very confident, can carry herself...Alhamdulillah... hope this is good sight..

Monday, 4 January 2010

Areena: First day School

Wake up early in the morning..

Look at her face... mamai...

while waiting ibu gets dress...Ayah also does what areena did..hehehe

When we were sending her..In the car...

Here.. Areena's School..Mutiara montesori..( I will make a entry about the school n its montessori system)

She's bz with her ' mainan'..after we left her alone at school

When the bell has rang.....yeehaa

It has been long, I am not updating Areena's development.. Since, I was bz in the Office, Year end closing, attending wedding...( wedding of the year, I guess)..that entry still in my draft..( I will post it later)...
Btw, this entry is purposely made for Areena... She seems exciting to start school... she wakes in the morning... She asks to brush her teeth, combs her hair,... tides it up.....I am glad.. no need to wear uniform.. so she can wear whatever she likes...
What do i like this school... all the sillibus n taught in English... teachers will converse with kids in like oversea envorinment because...some students are from abroad whom parents are expertriate,
Hoping, this is the first journey for Areena in school.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Tahun Baru :Gula Naik

Aku rasa setiap perayaan kat Malaysia ni... mesti ada barang naik...gula la, minyak la, beras la... apa yang tak naik... emmmphh... gaji dok tang tu jugak.....


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