Friday, 2 May 2014

Life Action Bureau

Yesterday, I able to watch telemovie called KIL. The main story about one guy named Akil who bored in his life wants to kill himself. Many attempts have been made, poison, cut, but he never tries jumping from building. While his taking break, he has read a flier ( advertisement) ' Who wants to die, call.......'  

He went to the company which rendered a 'kill' service... we can call an 'assassin' . So he met consultant who is the owner of the company. He told Akil, the module operation is once the contractor has been signed. The contractor ( killer) will take the action and tried.

I like the screen plot. It was smooth and thrilled. at the end of story... the killer is not the real killer but the approach is to motivate the person to appreciate life.


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