Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Suggested Itenarary

We were thinking about our vacation. Last time we went some parts of the castles in UK.. But we do not want to do all those visits for this time.Since we bring our kids along.. We decide to do some Theme Parks visit as well as factory outlet in Liverpool. So we browse and search information about themes parks. We are found that UK has many parks spotted around.. Most parks are very interesting.. For me, the adventure coaster are my fav eventhough my wife scare to take ride. We think, we would like to visit these parks :

1. Chessington world of Adventure

It is located south of UK within the county of Surrey and 12 miles from the city of London. This park is suitable kids under 12. So I think it's appropriate for Areena and Amsyar. For not my liking.

2. Thorpe Parks

It is located near Chessington World Adventure and about 8 miles heading north of London. It is the most thrilling parks with incredible rides. My wife was there in 1984, so she told the coasters were terrible and she wouldn't ri
de on them again.. That's sound interesting for me...Emmmm.
3. Legoland

It is the most unique parks with great riding and suitable for kids. Legoland is situated in south of UK within county of Berkshire and 2 miles from the center of Windsor.

4. Drayton Themes park

It is the legendary rides which is situated in the heart of UK (Central) within the county of Staffordshire and near the cities of Birmingham and Coventry.

5. Alton Towers

It is the most popular themes park with plenty of thrill rides to satisfy adrenaline junkies. Alton is located in the central of UK and near the cities of Birmingham and Manchester.
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