Sunday, 21 November 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland

Walt Disney's's a castle

When we arrived Hong Kong Disneyland... There were raining.. the water dropped like a diamond comes from the sky..We were frustrated because how to enter the park coz we bring 2 kids and there were no protections against them... so, we saw many people enter with rain coats..where did they get it anyway.. I decided to look up at the counter, it might be sold there.. i was correct...i bought 2 rain coats.. n one fancy umbrella.. which decorate pic of mickey n minnie... i sound like funny when i am using an umbrella.... anyway...the problem solved...we managed to enter the park without any obstacles... the guard checked my went well... now ...the journey has just begun....

@MTR station Disneyline

memorable picture with disney character

Smallworld... inside disney character in small size...have to sail to explore in there

Golden mickey theater... it's awesome show.... the way they little mermaid move an swim on the's incredilble.

One of the disney building @ USA main street.

One of wild park in adventureland ... in the jungle..where Tarzan lived...
till next uploading...more pictures


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