Sunday, 27 December 2009

Lost World of Tambun : Animal Petting

Amsyar...first step into Lost World..

Student's week, Areena will start Schooling

First entrance to animal petting

Amsyar so excited to see animal...gaya pahlawan

When both of them...see Walaby..(Kangaroo) White Tail Deer,Gunea pig, goat,

Tortise... below the brigde.

They were playing..pigeons.. n birds( forgot its name)

One of the peacocks

"I wish to play with you rabbits"

Visitors can 'tangkap' fish for fun...

Areena afraids of Parrots'''hehehehe

Today... we bring our kids to Lost World of Tambun... Initially, we would like to take them swimming..but since Lost World of Tambun is introducing Animal Petting... better to see them...I think better than zoo because we can personally touch the animal..n feed them...and I did ask the ranjer... Where did they find those animals..Ranjer said - they are from Papua, n Africa... Sound interesting...We can give 4 star to the Animal Petting....


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