Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Puzzle solved

We were talking about our aircraft was missing for a few past week... First..official press conference was made by our prime minister which stated our aircarft did turn back for last radar spotted. it was possible that aircraft were flown into two directions..first..northern corridor (from border kazasthan to northern thailand) or second..southern corridor .including hindi ocean..

Basically,yesterday our prime minister had concluded that the aircarft flew to the last stopped at southern hindi ocean..and seems sanked into the ocean.

however,it still misterious because the aircarf suppose to go to beijing but ended into hindi ocean.. there are might be possible theories.. first...the aircraft might be hijacked and there were incident which we are not sure on the board..second..the aircarft was broken..and the pilot could nt fix the problem until it was crashed into the ocean... thirdly, the aircraft actually landed on the unknown place and the avidence was thrown into the ocean,seemly it was crashed and sanked.

The only one who knows the answer is our God who created us for a reason to think.


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