Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Amsyar : Diarrhoea

Last saturday..28 Mac 2009
Amsyar just got himself diarrhoea.
worries about the diarrhoea development
went to see a doctor..
gave a medicine..
yesterday.. progress of healing.. +positive
My quote : Amsyar, be strong like a hero..heal the diarrhoea to the zero..

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Friday, 27 March 2009


Not in the mood today... Someone has spoiled my mood...urrrggghhh...

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Family Outing : Bagan Lalang

Last week.. we went to Bagan Lalang... Sepang Goldcoast... It's a nice place..and nice food as well as cheap(affordable).. take a look some pic taken before we had dinner...

Helper gone..

What can I say....Helper is gone...She is going back to where she's belong... Her mother is sick.. So, We asked her to see her mother and then discuss with their family whether she is interested in working with us or not... I am sure she would not come back..If she does.. might she would be working with other family..

Now...I have to look forward without maid... cleaning, cooking, ironing clothes, planting, or even taking care of kids.. It might be fun or tired....huhuhu....

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Suggested Itenarary

We were thinking about our vacation. Last time we went some parts of the castles in UK.. But we do not want to do all those visits for this time.Since we bring our kids along.. We decide to do some Theme Parks visit as well as factory outlet in Liverpool. So we browse and search information about themes parks. We are found that UK has many parks spotted around.. Most parks are very interesting.. For me, the adventure coaster are my fav eventhough my wife scare to take ride. We think, we would like to visit these parks :

1. Chessington world of Adventure

It is located south of UK within the county of Surrey and 12 miles from the city of London. This park is suitable kids under 12. So I think it's appropriate for Areena and Amsyar. For me..oh..no... not my liking.

2. Thorpe Parks

It is located near Chessington World Adventure and about 8 miles heading north of London. It is the most thrilling parks with incredible rides. My wife was there in 1984, so she told the coasters were terrible and she wouldn't ri
de on them again.. That's sound interesting for me...Emmmm.
3. Legoland

It is the most unique parks with great riding and suitable for kids. Legoland is situated in south of UK within county of Berkshire and 2 miles from the center of Windsor.

4. Drayton Themes park

It is the legendary rides which is situated in the heart of UK (Central) within the county of Staffordshire and near the cities of Birmingham and Coventry.

5. Alton Towers

It is the most popular themes park with plenty of thrill rides to satisfy adrenaline junkies. Alton is located in the central of UK and near the cities of Birmingham and Manchester.
p/s: Information and pictures above were from the site http://www.themeparks-uk.com/

Monday, 16 March 2009

Trip to London

Emmph.. the decision is final.. We are going to London AGAIN.. Eventhough, I have been in some parts of UK..

1.Roman Baths

is the place where ancient romans had their public bathing and socializing. The Bath town place accommodation of the elits. Famous author, Jane Austen was born here.

2. Manchaster

The most giant football club, Manchaster United, is the one of the most popular football club in the world a.k.a the red devil. Many fans in Malaysia do not know that Old Trafford Stadium is built in industrial area where there were many factories sorrounding.

is the prehistoric monument with earthworks surrounding a circular setting of standing large stones. It is believed that many years ago, it served as a burial ground, (creepy,eh). UNESCO had announced these monument as World Heritage in 1986.

Old Sarum

is the castles owned by King Henry VIII. It was the first castle he lived.King Henry VIII is the father of Queen Elizabeth. Old Sarum was originally a hill fort and surrounded by ditch with entrance on the eastside. However, the castle was bombed and now become one of the historically in England


this is where we stayed during our visit. It is also known as City of Steel where great steel craftmanship (example: set of beautiful cutlery is available here).

5. Sherborne

is a market town in Dorset, which is famous for its history, abbey, castles, manor house and private school. Ironically, there was also a conduit specifically for gossip-mongers.

6. Glastonbury

Glastonbury abbey was founded in the 7th century and was said to be where King Arthur reside and finally buried. This was also the where the King Arthur movie was filmed.


The place where Wardour Castle is located. This Castle was built using quarried greensand. It was ruined during Civil War. The castle appeared in Kevin Costner,Robin Hood, The Prince of Thieve movie.

8.Peak District

It is the National Park of England.It is located in the central and northern England ( Derbyshire). This is the place where we found and played with the snow.It was too cold and I tasted the snow.It just likes ABC.

9. London

City of England.. We have not managed to visit every single place in London.. We went Madame Tussauds, the wax museum, and bus rides to see London. London can be divided into two district.. Financial and entertainment.It is separated by river.

So. This coming may... we are going to visit London again..Now, more adventure, more exploration in every single places since its spring season. More flowers..

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Lost World Of Tambun

We went LWOT last week, 7 Mac 08 with my sister's family.. My kids were excited to swim, slide and play at the pool... It was so tired to handle both of our kids.. One moment that I could not forget when Amsyar fell from the table to the floor.. He was so lucky because he fell on the seat before on to the ground.. People were staring at us, we were horrified at that time.. Amsyar cried as loud as he could....Luckily, we didnt find any bumps/bruises. Now, Amsyar become superhero... Take look a pictures that we managed to capture.

Areena and Amsyar with their cousin at the entry point, 1001 attitude

Areena's first touch with Pak Long

Amsyar is macholy the Pirate Carribean with his cousin..in ship..

Wife, first ever water sliding... Looks very exciting

Areena, Amsyar and ibu.... under one mushroom

Areena n Amsyar in Mary Go round

Picture of relaxing in water


CheeseCake with deco... For birthday

Caramel for Wedding( Orange theme)

Caramel in Orange concept

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Final Decision

My wife and I have made a final decision... We'll bring our kids on our vacation... so there will be a lot of fun, difficulty.. and etc... cant wait for our vacation... I ve told my boss as well, so she will anticipate while I am gone....hehehehe

Thursday, 12 March 2009


It's MATTA Fair time....( this weekend)
Those who are interested in having vacation....
MATTA fair is the choice of picking a cheapest price...
For me...
I am still confused whether to bring our kids along or not... .
and where should we go... .

Monday, 9 March 2009

My Late Chiko

This was my pet... died last year... huhuhuhu


Old days pic of kids


hehee... This was me...

Double meaning

I recently visited one of hospitals. There was a construction/renovation being done in the hospital. But the notice was confusing... Why dont they put notice " Under Renovation" or Work in Progress..it's easy and understandable.. But the put notice like above picture... Emmpph.. thinking, what those men doing behind that screen...hahahah.
(Wonder...if not construction...hehehehe..).(dirty minded)..
Just commented...no harm..

What Wrong?

What is wrong with this picture? Anyone?

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Finished Product Of Caramel

Last night, we managed to make a caramel for wedding... So.. Layan je la

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Cupcakes again...

Hehehe... so I follow

Wax Alike

Friday, 6 March 2009


I am so tired to do all these jobs. I want some space to breath.. I need a break... huhuhu....

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Short Listed

I ve given a opportunity to do some shortlisting process for new staff..Wuishhh!!! so sweating.. Imagine.. the post will be offered only one post.. but the application, Oh my God... hundred over...

I have to check one-by-one applicants, until the applicant being shortlisted to 5 candidates...Aduh... jenuh pak cik menge'check' from education background to the extra co-curiculum as well as job experience.... It's difficult for me to do this task.. I am trying to imagine if I am the one of the applicant and eventually not been selected... sedih jugak.. tapi I ve to do my job...The post requires SPM level only.. but most applicants hide the true colors of their education level... We can see the gap between age and the SPM taken which is slightly far.. I know their have to cheat due to economic crisis. most of them need stability of the job.. but I cant select all applicant...Berdoa je la, sapa yang dipanggil interview yeaa..

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

So Happy

about 11p.m. I received sms from boss,
asked me to bring soft copy client charter, It s fine..
I did not reply..
Early this morning
I have planned to go the workshop
needed driver to fetch me up..( that's mean I am going there)
However, received 2 sms from boss.. asked me to come around 11 a.m.
I did not reply as well..
So, I assume she will wait for me there...
Before I am heading to the office.
she called me and asked something
that I already explained to her..
it was like a million ( kidding...hehehe) but a few times.
I think she is not getting point
So, after explaning...
She asked me whether is worth that I am coming there..
She said, she worried about closing account and vouchers..
So..I am starting to provoke until I was not asked to come.
she listened to me
p/s :Actually, I feel a little bit guilty.. I will repay my guilty tommorrow as I told her, I am gonna help her to set up the KPI...Sorry

Monday, 2 March 2009

So bored

i got sms from my boss,
she asked me to join her in the KPI workshop,
The workshop is supposed for head of department...
I am sure
I can smell,
she afraids
isnt comfortable with that area..
I manage to make an excuses for not joining her
..She insisted me to go for tommorrow
.. How am I going to tell her..?????
I am not interested...
reluctant to go
.. let boss decides what kinds of KPI she wanted us to follow

Sunday, 1 March 2009

A set of study table

Of late, Areena shows her interest in reading a book as well as writing in the piece of paper.. usually, Areena writes sumthing on the floor (not using table). So, it difficult for her to write.
So, I decided to buy a set of table study... From my observation, Areena, indeed, like to study.She will ask either me or wife even our maid to teach her sumthing in her book. She manages to identify and call the objects eventhough she cant speak in a sentence yet..but.. she understands what we say to her.
The best part is... if we asked her sumting in Bahasa..She hardly understands but if we express in English..she manages to understand.. For example... I asked her to 'tutup pintu'( she could not understand- not sure how for she is understood) but when I said... close/shut the door.. She instantly close the door... Budak bertuah ni.
Now, we are trying to balance her either English term or Bahasa, so that she can understand both language.

Caramel for wedding

Next week, I got order from wife's friends, to make a few caramel for 'makan beradap'.. I do not know how to make my caramel suits with wedding ceremony.. So, last week, I tried to make a caramel into a cup and topping with some fruits in order make it colorful and attractive....

Amsyar's new face.

I managed to cut Amsyar's hair with electronic cutter...He seem quite interesting and now looks like 'budak nakal'..


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