Sunday, 15 March 2009

Lost World Of Tambun

We went LWOT last week, 7 Mac 08 with my sister's family.. My kids were excited to swim, slide and play at the pool... It was so tired to handle both of our kids.. One moment that I could not forget when Amsyar fell from the table to the floor.. He was so lucky because he fell on the seat before on to the ground.. People were staring at us, we were horrified at that time.. Amsyar cried as loud as he could....Luckily, we didnt find any bumps/bruises. Now, Amsyar become superhero... Take look a pictures that we managed to capture.

Areena and Amsyar with their cousin at the entry point, 1001 attitude

Areena's first touch with Pak Long

Amsyar is macholy the Pirate Carribean with his ship..

Wife, first ever water sliding... Looks very exciting

Areena, Amsyar and ibu.... under one mushroom

Areena n Amsyar in Mary Go round

Picture of relaxing in water


CheeseCake with deco... For birthday

Caramel for Wedding( Orange theme)

Caramel in Orange concept


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