Monday, 16 March 2009

Trip to London

Emmph.. the decision is final.. We are going to London AGAIN.. Eventhough, I have been in some parts of UK..

1.Roman Baths

is the place where ancient romans had their public bathing and socializing. The Bath town place accommodation of the elits. Famous author, Jane Austen was born here.

2. Manchaster

The most giant football club, Manchaster United, is the one of the most popular football club in the world a.k.a the red devil. Many fans in Malaysia do not know that Old Trafford Stadium is built in industrial area where there were many factories sorrounding.

is the prehistoric monument with earthworks surrounding a circular setting of standing large stones. It is believed that many years ago, it served as a burial ground, (creepy,eh). UNESCO had announced these monument as World Heritage in 1986.

Old Sarum

is the castles owned by King Henry VIII. It was the first castle he lived.King Henry VIII is the father of Queen Elizabeth. Old Sarum was originally a hill fort and surrounded by ditch with entrance on the eastside. However, the castle was bombed and now become one of the historically in England


this is where we stayed during our visit. It is also known as City of Steel where great steel craftmanship (example: set of beautiful cutlery is available here).

5. Sherborne

is a market town in Dorset, which is famous for its history, abbey, castles, manor house and private school. Ironically, there was also a conduit specifically for gossip-mongers.

6. Glastonbury

Glastonbury abbey was founded in the 7th century and was said to be where King Arthur reside and finally buried. This was also the where the King Arthur movie was filmed.


The place where Wardour Castle is located. This Castle was built using quarried greensand. It was ruined during Civil War. The castle appeared in Kevin Costner,Robin Hood, The Prince of Thieve movie.

8.Peak District

It is the National Park of England.It is located in the central and northern England ( Derbyshire). This is the place where we found and played with the snow.It was too cold and I tasted the snow.It just likes ABC.

9. London

City of England.. We have not managed to visit every single place in London.. We went Madame Tussauds, the wax museum, and bus rides to see London. London can be divided into two district.. Financial and entertainment.It is separated by river.

So. This coming may... we are going to visit London again..Now, more adventure, more exploration in every single places since its spring season. More flowers..


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