Monday, 4 January 2010

Areena: First day School

Wake up early in the morning..

Look at her face... mamai...

while waiting ibu gets dress...Ayah also does what areena did..hehehe

When we were sending her..In the car...

Here.. Areena's School..Mutiara montesori..( I will make a entry about the school n its montessori system)

She's bz with her ' mainan'..after we left her alone at school

When the bell has rang.....yeehaa

It has been long, I am not updating Areena's development.. Since, I was bz in the Office, Year end closing, attending wedding...( wedding of the year, I guess)..that entry still in my draft..( I will post it later)...
Btw, this entry is purposely made for Areena... She seems exciting to start school... she wakes in the morning... She asks to brush her teeth, combs her hair,... tides it up.....I am glad.. no need to wear uniform.. so she can wear whatever she likes...
What do i like this school... all the sillibus n taught in English... teachers will converse with kids in like oversea envorinment because...some students are from abroad whom parents are expertriate,
Hoping, this is the first journey for Areena in school.


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