Tuesday, 3 March 2009

So Happy

about 11p.m. I received sms from boss,
asked me to bring soft copy client charter, It s fine..
I did not reply..
Early this morning
I have planned to go the workshop
needed driver to fetch me up..( that's mean I am going there)
However, received 2 sms from boss.. asked me to come around 11 a.m.
I did not reply as well..
So, I assume she will wait for me there...
Before I am heading to the office.
she called me and asked something
that I already explained to her..
it was like a million ( kidding...hehehe) but a few times.
I think she is not getting point
So, after explaning...
She asked me whether is worth that I am coming there..
She said, she worried about closing account and vouchers..
So..I am starting to provoke until I was not asked to come.
she listened to me
p/s :Actually, I feel a little bit guilty.. I will repay my guilty tommorrow as I told her, I am gonna help her to set up the KPI...Sorry


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