Sunday, 17 May 2009

Not in the Mood

Lama aku tak update entry since i just came from UK...Areena is not feeling well.. She doesnt have appetite since we came back.. It was our fault that we forgot to bring her milk..and during in UK, we hardly find milk and similar to her taste.. Now she refuses to drink she having cough n mild fever.. ( not influenza H1N1 sympthom - we went to see a doctor, doctor didnot tell any abnormality).. that brings her less eating... We have to force her to eat otherwise she wont eat..aduh.... susah hati tengok si Areena ni.. Hoping her jet lag will end soon...macam aku sekarang ni,,,dah pukul dua pagi.. tapi tak boleh tido.. jet lag..jet lag...huhu..
anyway I will update my entry during our holiday in UK after Areena gets better.


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